41st Spring Meeting of Portuguese Society of Pastures and Forages (SPPF)

Subheading Pastoralism as an activity to enhance the territories
Organizing entity or co-organizing entities
Start date 05.05.2022
End date 06.05.2022
  • Face to face
Plateform and online tools Góis, Portugal
Type of event Colloquium
Description With the theme "Pastorism as an activity for the enhancement of territories", the 41st Spring Meeting of the Portuguese Society of Pastures and Forages (SPPF) dealt with different subjects: pastoralism, the forest, the management of territories, the importance of silvopastoral, etc. Participants in this technical-scientific meeting attended several conferences, the poster session and technical visits.
Speakers Teresa Carita


For which working group was the event organized ? WG2 : Scientific
In which theme does the event belong ?
  • Protocols
  • Seed mixes
  • Value chains
Is this content confidential or can we share it on the newsletter and the website ? Public