Gestão da Fitodiversidade em Culturas Arbóreas (Management of Phytodiversity in Tree Crops)

Organizing entity or co-organizing entities
  • IPB
Start date 07.03.2023 - 18:00
End date 07.03.2023 - 20:00
  • Online
Type of event Webinar
Program Management of Phytodiversity in Tree Crops
Description The presentation include the following main subjects:
- Ecosystem services of plants and their communities in an agricultural context;
- Management of plant diversity at the landscape scale;
- Management of plant diversity at the agroecosystem scale;
- Management of plant diversity in arboreal cultures.
Speakers Carlos Aguiar


For which working group was the event organized ? TWG2 : Communication
In which theme does the event belong ?
  • Awareness raising
  • Land managers mobilization
  • Seed mixes
Is this content confidential or can we share it on the newsletter and the website ? Public