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Detailed content In the Fleurs Locales project, it is essential, as part of the structuration of a value chain, that all of the identified stakeholders would meet, interact and share their needs, worries and expectations, in order to build future paths of collaborations.
In that idea, FAB'LIM and the CEN Occitanie, held, on the 3rd of February 2022, a two hours "first meeting workshop" between seed producers and potential buyers. Twenty people participated. The main objective was for all of the concerned parties to share and understand each other's constraint and needs and collaboratively reflect on solutions.
Two local seed producers were invited, as well as a public land planner from the Gard department, to testify about their experience. Through different practice and knowledge exchange times between the participants, new paths of improvment and work areas have emerged, as such as the necessity of integrating other stakeholders : consultants and landscapers.
The participants are now informed about the progress made in the project and sollicitated on different aspects of it.

You can find a synthesis on the link down below.
Working group  WG3 : Socio-economic