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Long title Webinar for the presentation of the French market study's results the 4th of november 2021
  • Value chains
Detailed content On November 4 2021, FAB'LIM organized a webinar for the restitution of the results of the analysis of the needs in native seeds launched the previous summer. Among the guests were:
• Persons interviewed during the surveys (motorway or rail planner, watershed manager, ecological compensation operators, agricultural groups, etc.)
• Restoration industry professionals potentially interested (farmers, nurserymen, seed companies, etc.)
• French partners of the project (the Conservatoire d'espaces naturels).
The service providers hired to conduct market studies (Pôle Transition, TriesseGressard ) were able to share the practices, constraints and interests identified by users during their surveys. After discussing the results and possible levers with the participants, they shared their personal experience in terms of ecological restoration.
Then, the participants were able to express their interest to participate in the renaturation experiments that will be set up in Occitania in autumn 2022 as well as the skills or means that they could invest in the project. Finally, we were able to discuss the levers that could be activated in the context of public procurement to enable interested public and private developers to get involved in the experiments (pilot renaturation sites) or to support the experiments.

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Working group  WG3 : Socio-economic