Programa de Sensibilización Ecológica y Educación para la Sostenibilidad de Ecosistemas Forestales y Flora Silvestre II

Subheading Iniciativas Sostenibles
Organizing entity or co-organizing entities
  • Semillas Silvestres
Start date 18.05.2022
  • Face to face
Location cordoba
Type of event Field day
Program 8:30 a.m.- Pick up by bus from the Educational Center
9:30 a.m.- Arrival at the facilities
9:35 am- Presentation of the Program and the Educational Team of the Technical Secretariat.
10:00 a.m.- Visit to the Wild Seed Facilities- If the company staff considers it
adequate and necessary, the visit will be attended in two subgroups for greater comfort.
12:30 p.m.-End of the activity and return by bus
1:30 p.m.-Arrival at the Educational Center
Description Dissemination activity of the European project SUDOE INTERREG FLEURS LOCALES in which the trial plots were visited by high school students. In the activity, the sustainable development of the native flora of Andalusia, the ecosystem services it has and the importance of the protection and conservation of this type of ecosystem were valued.
Speakers Cándido Gálvez


For which working group was the event organized ? TWG2 : Communication
In which theme does the event belong ?
  • Awareness raising
  • Value chains
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