Reunión entre miembros del proyecto LifeFluvial y miembros del proyecto INTEREGSUDOE Fleurs Locales

Organizing entity or co-organizing entities
  • Semillas Silvestres
Start date 07.09.2022
  • Face to face
Type of event Colloquium
Description Representatives of LIFE fluvial and Semillas Silvestres (local INTERREG SUDOE Fleurs partner company) met in Gijón, on September 7, 2022, to exchange experiences learned in the development of the respective projects. Life Fluvial promotes the use of indigenous cuttings and seeds in restoration tasks and Wild Seeds is specialized in the technology of native seed production and generates knowledge about the uses of Iberian and wild plant genetic resources.
Speakers Cándido Gálvez, Ángela Medrán y Pilar García Manteca


For which working group was the event organized ? TWG2 : Communication
In which theme does the event belong ?
  • Awareness raising
Is this content confidential or can we share it on the newsletter and the website ? Public